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Special Notice

February 1, 2021
CDC mandates masks for planes and other public transportation.

Alexandria International Airport has enhanced cleaning frequencies and routines for the Commercial Terminal Facilities in an effort to protect all customers and employees.

In an effort to provide and support guidance Alexandria International Airport have focused recommendation in three key areas:

Frequency, Communication, and Self-Serve Opportunities

  • Resources will be reprioritized to ensure continuous daytime and deep overnight cleaning of high traffic/high touch areas including but not limited to:
    • Lobbies (Ticketing and Bag Claim): Non-automated doors, counters, kiosk, trash bins, seating, baggage carts
    • SSCP: Boarding pass scanners, screening trays, trash bins
    • Restrooms: Doors and latches, flush valves, countertops, non-automated fixtures
    • Gate Areas: Seats and armrests, counters, trash bins
    • Boarding Bridges: Doors, handrails
    • Common Areas: Concession tables and seating, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, touchscreen directories, trash bins, wheelchairs
  • Cleaning efforts should employ EPA approved products
  • Janitorial staff will be increasingly visible airport representatives and will be constantly updated on our efforts

All cleaning procedures listed below are still in place and being implemented on a daily basis. Terminal signage is in place encouraging all employees, rental car and ticketed passengers to wear a safety mask upon entering the building. Once morning flights have departed and all agencies on second floor have left “Do Not Enter” signage is placed in front of stairs and escalators to limit people from entering the second floor area until such time of airline arrivals. Only the down escalator and stairs are open for access for arrivals to the baggage claim. The third floor has been closed off to all personal in order to keep the area clean and clear of passengers. Closed areas are still occasionally checked, cleaned and disinfected.  Presently airport custodial staff is using a Lemon- Quat disinfectant along with OdorBan disinfectant. Disinfectants are applied at least twice a day or more. In conjunction with daily cleaning by airport employees as described above, part time personnel have been employed to come in four times a week for cleaning and disinfecting of all public areas.